As well as collecting engagement data for sector benchmarking, our 2017 Member Engagement Survey examines the behaviours and actions of the membership organisation itself. We investigate the opportunities organisations are providing for members to input, interact and collaborate to co-create their ideal membership body.

A focus on the organisation
Organisations share their engagement success stories and the data they’ve collected for over 30 engagement measures, both behavioural and attitudinal.

A focus on members
We examine the ways in which organisations work together with members, including examples of collaborative projects that bring improvements to the membership offer. We also investigate the opportunities organisations provide for members to input to the organisation, and to meet, share and learn from each other

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Guest blogs

Some of the organisations taking part in our 2017 Member Engagement Survey gave us greater insight into their member engagement successes: 

Co-creating with the experts - using the knowledge and experience of member to develop quality content Rob Ledger, Chartered Sociey of Physiotherapy

Using data and digital to target new membes - and increase retention Gavin Berkerey, Royal Society of Medicine

Big data: a new way to reach disengaged members Daniel Romney, Institution of Engineering and Technology

It's free to say thank you: recognising and rewarding our volunteers Milly Durrant, British Dietetic Association

Previous surveys


Our first survey, in 2013, investigated how professional bodies were defining and interpreting member engagement, what factors were considered important and how engagement was being measured.

In 2015, we looked at how organisations were focussing their engagement activities on key member segments, particularly

  • engagement definitions and measuring
  • engagement targets
  • new initiatives and activities
  • outcomes

We also captured organisations' data for 28 Measures of Engagement and used it to provide two types of member engagement score.