Mission, vision & values, Re-Branding and a Communication Strategy

Cardiomyopathy UK

Requirement: Cardiomyopathy UK - previously The Cardiomyopathy Association - felt that as a charity, their overall messages were unclear and inconsistent and that their brand was ill defined and dated. The charity wished to review their strategy and the ways in which they communicated to increase the number of people they help and the number who support them, and to increase the strength of that support.

Methodology: Our first step was to conduct qualitative research by face-to-face discussion and telephone interview with a range of key stakeholders, to establish and confirm the organisation's vision, mission and values.

The outcomes of this research informed the initial stages of brand development: our brief enabled the charity's chosen design agency to produce initial name and logo concepts. We linked these with naming and positioning suggestions based on the vision, mission and values and tested them with all audience types using an online survey. The findings enabled us to produce a clear brief for development of the full brand identity and its application to key pieces of marketing collateral.

The online survey was also used to identify important target audience groups and the services and resources that would be most relevant to them. These findings were combined with the next stage of the project - the communications review - and with PESTLE and SWOT analyses to inform the development of a strategy for communication with each of the charity's audiences. Additional desk research identified new audiences within the medical sector for CardiomyopathyUK to add to their contact database.

Following delivery of the overall strategy, we developed guidelines for messaging and communication style, and a communications plan that encompassed the launch of the new brand identity and engagement with target audiences in subsequent months. We advised on the style and layout of the website, and drafted sample copy for template pages using the new messaging and communications style.

Outcome: The final piece of work was to host a workshop for CardiomyopathyUK staff and trustees to help embed the vision, mission and values and ensure all were engaged with the new direction of the organisation.

Our new marketing and communications strategy truly put the charity on a new level. Ashridge's consultative approach in developing the strategy and our Mission, Vision and Values really engaged staff and trustees in the process. They provided consistent support and guidance throughout the whole of the review process ensuring that the aims of the project were achieved whilst continuing the engagement of supporters and staff. Ashridge's team worked hard on all of the many aspects of the project, helping us to position the charity more strongly in our sector so that we reach out more effectively to support more of those affected by heart muscle disease. I would be very happy to recommend their services.

Robert Hall, ex- Chief Executive of the Cardiomyopathy Association (now CardiomyopathyUK)