A new brand identity

The International Compliance Association

Requirement: The ICA was undertaking a strategic review in order to reposition its offer to members and potential members.  They wanted to bring their brand identity up to date to align with these changes but the internal design and marketing team had come up against a wall. 

Methodology: We started from first principles, holding stakeholder consultations - by telephone and face to face – to investigate how the ICA was perceived by staff, Board and members, and what they thought the brand identity should communicate about the ICA.

The results of the consultation were reported back to the ICA and used to inform the next stage of our work: a written brief for the brand identity concept.

Outcome: On behalf of the ICA, we selected three design agencies with differing approaches, and invited them to respond to the brief with up to three design concepts, demonstrating how the concepts could be applied to key pieces of marketing collateral. We fully managed the pitch process, arranging for all three agencies to present their designs to members of ICA's senior management team and Board. Our Directors attended the meeting, facilitating discussions to assist the ICA in coming quickly and coherently to a decision on the design that best met requirements.

The ICA launched an updated website carrying the new design, and implemented the new look in their marketing materials.

It was a pleasure to work with Ashridge on the new brand identity. The whole process was smooth, professional and ultimately really enjoyable. We had been grappling internally with the new branding for months and getting nowhere, so to hand it over to Ashridge and - within a few weeks - to be presented with our new branding, which we love, was remarkable.

Jo Lewis, Head of Operations, International Compliance Association