The member value proposition

31 AUGUST 2016

What is a member value proposition?

Your value proposition is what will determine whether people will go to the trouble of finding out more about the organisation and what it offers – or will move on.  It is a clear statement that:

  • Explains how your membership offer solves their challenges and improves their situation
  • Outlines specific benefits
  • Tells people why they should join your organisation rather than another one.

Overall, the value proposition outlines what makes your offer unique or different for a member.


What does it look like?

When drafting any type of value proposition – be it for the whole organisation or for a particular service (such as a membership package, employer engagement programme or CPD offer) - the key questions to bear in mind are:

  • Who is the customer?
  • What are you offering?
  • What is the real benefit?

Your value proposition must be understandable - not littered with jargon - and concise: no-one wants to trawl their way through lengthy copy to find out what you’re offering.

Keep it short, sharp and to the point.


What do I do with the value proposition, once it's written?

Firstly - and most importantly - share it with colleagues 
No doubt you will have drawn together a team of key people from various departments to help craft the statement. The next step is to ensure everyone who works with you understands how the value proposition relates to their specific area of work, and how it translates into what they do, day-to-day.

Next: use it!  
Display it in its entirety on your website, use parts of it as key messages in your communications, add it to your publications, use it to reinforce the brand.  Break it down and use the core elements to guide strategies and plans.

Then keep checking it
Make sure that what the proposition says you offer matches what you are actually providing. Value propositions don’t stay the same for all eternity; they should evolve and grow with your organisation.